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I am a young well traveled photographer. Iv work on land and at sea photographing in the most beautiful sets you can imagine. My passion for travel and photography helped me explore more than 40 different countries around the world.

Iv meet thousands and thousands of people on my travels at sea, working on a cruise line has given me the chance to meet amazing people from all over.  I now have friends all over the world that will welcome me into theirs homes when i am in need of some travel.

We capture those long lasting memories from your special day just as you remember it, they not just photographs they are a life long memories. Capturing the special moments with families and loved ones to make memories last that for ever.


We are here ready and waiting to capture your special moments/events and special occasions and to make sure for some unforgettable memories with the best imagery for your budget. We work closely with a team of photographers and assistants which helps us achieve these moments. 

SLN Photography believes in a good customer service that your guests are treated with care and respect the same way as you would. It is important that your guests have as much fun with great memories and a positive experience. We strive to capture the event in a way that shows the natural beauty using unique techniques and angles that complements the day. With our Professional service and out going personalities we make sure that all the details are capture according to the brief.

We cant wait to share this spectacular moment with you making us your number 1 choice for your special moments in all that we have to offer.



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