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**Identify** Quickly and confidently identify patterns, outliers, and other problems in data. DecisionTools gives you a vision of the picture, but you can then zoom in and get closer to the details with details and analytics. **Decide** Make informed decisions for your business. All the work you've done to build a confidence in your vision of the picture is now available to you, ready to help you make informed decisions that drive your business forward. From the challenge Analysts found that other than for identification, they did not use DecisionTools for the vast majority of their analysis. This reflected a shift in the way analysts see themselves working. Many still rely on spreadsheets for data collection and analysis, but in a way that is not very structured. At the same time, in-house analysts are under pressure to deliver results faster, which makes making quick decisions on the back of incomplete analysis more of a necessity. This challenges the requirement for rigorous, structured analysis. A: Making an informed decision with DecisionTools The first step in decision making is finding a problem to solve. This means looking at the right information and comparing it to the right frame of reference. A simple example is restaurants. In Australia, some people love to have a braai (barbecue) and others prefer a beef restaurant. We can also look at the preferences of people in different demographic categories. With this frame of reference, we can then look at data like the number of restaurants, the type of restaurants, whether it’s located in a part of the city centre, and the location of the restaurant within its geographical context. That is a very narrow focus and it can still take a very long time to put everything together to make a decision. With DecisionTools, you don’t have to wait for information to be gathered and analyzed. You can look at the big picture, make a hunch, and you can test that hunch. You can then be confident in the outcome. That is how DecisionTools makes an informed decision. B: The power of DecisionTools The power of DecisionTools is that you are now able to make decisions from a position of information that is high in confidence. This is achieved by putting everything that you want to look at into a single, integrated platform. You don’t




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Palisade Decision Tools 5.7 Crack Download lauheav

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